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Sankalp Siddhi
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Resolution Accomplishment


Param Pujya Gurudev Shree Dr. Anandmay has reserached and developed this technique through the priceless struggles of his life with which anybody can benefit their living. For leading a good life a person needs not only money. Apart from money he needs that which gives him mental peace and happiness to his soul. This is the greatest wealth in life with which one can make his life completely joyous and blissful.

Firstly, it is very important to understand our body and the deeds it does. while doing his deeds a person does not think of the consequences. Good deeds leads to good results (happiness) and similarly bad deeds leads to bad results.(sadness).

When you bow a plant it does not give fruits immediately. Similarly when you do a deed it does not give results immediately. We have to bear the results of the deeds we have ever done in our previous lives. Lord Krishna has himself told in Geetaji that keep doing your deeds but you do not have the rights to the consequences.

shree bhagvat gita shlok karmanye vadhikaraste

Our deeds are the only reason why we have to bear happiness or sadness in life or why we have to take births again and again. We human beings are born to do deeds and its our nature. So both good and bad deeds happen in our lifetime. Good deeds leads to newly developed energy and joy and bad deeds leads to distress and agitation. Eventually, these are the two sides of the same coin. But if you see it by the spiritual viewpoint, then what is it? Spiritual life depends on the mental waves. Happiness or sadness depends on your positive or negative energy. But actually, happiness and sadness are a subject of the mind.